​Uluvit makes a great inexpensive wedding favor but also a fun wedding planning tool too.  Share your decision making process with your love or your friends and family as you select what to register for, what purchases to make before the big day and even what colors to pick.

Uluvit makes the perfect personalized wedding favor.  It’s inexpensive, quick and easy to download, and spreads love – just as a wedding should!

Give your wedding guests the gift of love and connection with a Uluvit gift code so they can play with a partner and perhaps find their true love or deepen there own.  No other wedding favor can give so much!

For an inexpensive wedding favor your guests will love and appreciate, simply purchase a gift code in the Profile screen ("Give to Friends") and print a tag or card expressing what you’ve given them.  Don’t forget to upload a personal photo of the two of you for their welcome screen within the app too.  Then encourage your friends to get playing (and friend you as well, of course)!

For an even bigger gift, consider tagging your Uluvit gift code to another personalized favor – like custom candies or any other goodie that goes with your wedding theme.  Perhaps you’ve discovered through Uluvit that you and your fiancé love specific colors of M&M’s, why not give them as wedding favors with a gift code for your guests to download their own copy of the game!  Whatever the item may be that you love within the game, give it to your friends and family on your wedding day with the gift that keeps on giving – their own edition of Uluvit through a gift code.

Love is the spice of life so why not opt for the gift of salt and pepper shakers, tag it as such and add a Uluvit gift code to each item!  Even if you already bought those gifts, you can still give the gift of connection with Uluvit for everyone in attendance!

Wedding planning got you stressed?  Uluvit is an inexpensive wedding favor you can have in seconds!  When you purchase your gift code, you’ve saved a ton of time in the wedding planning process, you get access immediately and all you have to do is share the news.  These are gifts that can be given on the spot, making them the perfect last minute wedding favor.

Take your wedding to the next level and thank your guests with the gift of love and connection using this modern technology twist!

Wedding Planning Made Easy
Use Uluvit to connect and communicate with your fiancé and even your friends as you make those big wedding day decisions.  Compare your favorite china patterns before you register, like or dislike ideas from your friends for your bachelor or bachelorette party, even play your own virtual ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ so your friends or future spouse can weigh in on what they like.  From bridal bouquets to wedding gifts, get the opinions of those that matter most and share yours to make your wedding planning process simple, fun, and a piece of cake!

Uluvit for Weddings

Looking for the perfectly personalized wedding favor full of meaning but at an affordable price?  For an inexpensive wedding favor your guests will surely love, look no further than a Uluvit gift code!  Simply download the app from the links below then go to Profile > Give to Friends: