Uluvit helps you to discover your friends’ favorite things in life. Get to know new friends and best friends even better by sharing your likes, loves and dislikes on Uluvit and compete to see who knows who best! The private chat encourages friends to stay in touch, keep up with one another, and have a blast while building a deeper connection together. Use it to share stories about the things you love (or don’t) and get to know the meaning behind their favorite vacation spot, or type of dessert, how they came to love it, and perhaps how they plan to share it with you.

​This isn’t just for you and your bestie either, encourage all your friends to get in on the action and a leaderboard will let you know who knows the most about you!

Family Reunions

You’ve probably played a board game or two at a family reunion and now there’s an app for that! Instead of guessing what playing card someone has, try getting to know your close and distant relatives better by guessing what they love, like, and dislike most in life. Share your favorite things with one another, chat and text within the game to connect on a more personal level and use the leaderboard to engage with the entire group. See who knows the most about you in your life and encourage a little friendly family competition!

​Then use the scores and outcome to enjoy activities together. Search the family favorites in Vacation Activities or Destinations and plan experiences offline from what you found your family loves most online! Looking for a dinner spot for the group that night? You just might discover they all have a hankering for Italian food.

Don’t forget to involve the kids too! Uluvit is a fantastic way to get the kids to engage in a healthy, fun, family game that everyone can enjoy. If your children are glued to their phones, give them a platform to play with each other in a new and positive way!


Uluvit is great for kids too! Teach them to understand themselves and others in a simple game that lays groundwork for healthy relationships. It’s a great way to stay connected to kids when separated by distance at camp, school or for relatives far away. The game is fun, positive, visual and helps younger minds express themselves in a safe environment with those they love.

Uluvit for Friends