Looking for inventive, casual, and entertaining ways to get to know your coworkers and encourage team building at the office? Uluvit allows you to get to know the people around you each and every day, in a playful and creative way! Invite work friends to play with you and learn what makes them tick, what they’ll love when you want to say thanks, or celebrate a birthday, and what not to do to keep the workplace a positive, happy environment! And when it needs to get a little happier, don’t be above a bribe of their favorite coffee or candy, now that you know what they love, which just might help you to get the job done!

Get a group together and let the leaderboard reveal who knows whom best and who really takes the time to get to know their colleagues.

Planning a corporate retreat or looking to make your office environment more cohesive and work collectively together? You can even use Uluvit as a team building exercise! Download and engage everyone in the office in a healthy activity to build team spirit and deeper connections in the workplace

Uluvit for Coworkers